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What is PBM (Play-by-Mail)?

Imagine an internet game where you had hundreds of opponents, where you had time to pause for thought and really plan your next series of moves, and where you didn't have to pay for each minute of phone time.

Imagine receiving all the emails you could ever want from your allies and enemies discussing tactics, offering strategies, negotiating deals, and threatening retribution.

Imagine that this game has a flavour and history equalled only by your favourite role-playing game.

That's PBM.

It works like this:

You buy a 'start-up' in one of our games, and will be sent the rules, map, and background information required to begin playing.

At regular intervals - usually fortnightly, but sometimes more or less frequently, depending on the game - you will be sent a turn, either by paper or by email. This gives you detailed report of what is happening in the game, often with maps and hand written descriptions. These will generally span from 6-30 pages. You may also receive a file containing this information, which can be imported into various free computer programs which help you understand and write your turns.

You then read your reports, email, phone and write to your allies and enemies, ponder your choices, and eventually write down a list of things you want to do. These are called orders.

Finally you email or post these orders back to the company running your game. Every fortnight (or at whatever frequency the game is being run) the company takes all of these orders and instructions and feed them into their computers. The game is then processed, ascertaining who has done what, and the results are then sent back out by post or email, starting the process all over again.

If you've never tried it before, give PBM a go. It will like no other kind of game you have ever played before.

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